Saturday, October 19, 2013

Focusing on Life - Week 42

All in a Day
There are many things that can happen in 24 hours.
Many situations transpire.
Let's focus on 24 hours and see what goes on during your day.

Today would have been a good day for a group hug. Instead, I got rain and pain. *big sigh* Some days are like that, I'm afraid. There was no focusing on much of anything. Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day.

By the way, this is a photo from last summer taken by a friend. I'm actually in the middle there. *smile*

I did manage to install a couple of new features on my blog this week. There are Pin It buttons on all the photos now, and also 'You Might Like' links at the bottom of each post.


  1. How do you add the pin it buttons to blog pictures, Ikeep seeing them on peoples blogs could google it but being inherantly lazy... and google always gives you so much junk....
    We got a lot of rain this week too, but it was actually dry enough here that the rain was almost OK....

    1. I sent the link to the tutorial to you by e-mail. I saw it posted on Alicia's blog and thought I'd try it out.

  2. everybody needs a hug, and a group hug (you in the middle) is bonus :)

  3. I hope this coming week is better for you. Being in pain is so difficult.Kudos to you for improving your blog.

  4. I tried to do the pin it buttons on my blogger blog too, and I can't figure it out - I'll have to hop over to Alicia's blog and check it out. Wishing you some relief - and sending a hug! Although group hugs really are the best sometimes, aren't they?!!

  5. Hope the week got better for you!