Thursday, October 17, 2013

My Favourite - Autumn Leaf Pendants

I love autumn with the burst of colour that come to the leaves with the first frost. One of my pending polymer clay projects is to make some red and orange and yellow leaf pendants. In the meantime, I thought that I would share a few of my favourites on Etsy.

I love this one by Vincent Desjardins (vpauld). The detailed description of how this delightful pendant was made allows you to see the amount of work that goes into a piece like this.

Orange and Red Autumn Leaves Pendant with Necklace
Vincent Desjardins

This next one was made by Mary Morris (MaryMorrisJewelry). She's taken a real leaf, then dipped it in copper and added an iridescent coating. Isn't it amazing?

Copper Plated Birch Leaf Pendant Necklace on Long Chain
Mary Morris

Next comes a lovely lampwork leaf focal bead by Debbie Altman (allmybeads). The texture and colours of this leaf pendant are perfect for the season.

Handmade Lampwork Glass Focal Leaf Bead
by All My Beads Autumn Beginnings
Debbie Altman

My first thought when I saw this next one was 'Wow, that's incredible!' What Kristie-Lou (sculptedwindows) does with polymer clay is nothing less than that. Entirely handcrafted, this leaf lady can be made into a pendant, bead or cabachon, as you decide.

Fall Leaf Lady Face Bead, Cab, Pendant, or Cabochon
in Orange, Aqua, Rust, Brown, and Light Ethnic
or Tan Fleshtone polymer clay

There are so many more to explore and enjoy on Etsy. Just search for 'autumn leaf pendants' and you will see. The breadth and depth of talent out there is unbelievable.