Friday, October 4, 2013

My Favourite - Scrabble© Crafts

I remember playing Scrabble© a when I was younger, but never did I think of using the tiles for creative crafting. Who knew you could do so many fun and interesting things with them?

How about these refrigerator magnets by WinterberryOriginals? Don't they bring back memories of playing Scrabble© as a child?

These pet tags were made by ScarletandCo. The Scrabble© ID tags are sealed with three layers of resin to help protect them from scratches and moisture.

The coasters were created by COOLBOYCREATIONS. Backed with original Scrabble© game board, they are sturdy enough to stand up to lots of use and coated with sealant to protect them.

Also from WinterberryOriginals are these personalized holiday tree ornaments. They would make excellent, unique gift tags too.


And here is the fun pendant by PiecesOfMePendants that first got me thinking about Scrabble© crafts in the first place. I might try to make some myself.

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