Thursday, April 3, 2014

De-Clutter Project - Week 14

This photo represents the chaos in my life
This week has been full of family crisis and other personal calamity. I'm a day late with this post and I apologize for that. I cannot get into all the details but suffice it to say, it's been very stressful and upsetting.

I should have taken a photo of all the stuff that went out to the road on garbage/recycling day this week. We even put a few things in front of the neighbours' house because we'd gone over our garbage bag limit. Thank goodness you can put out as much recycling as you want. We had a lot of it!

Seriously, why have I kept the BOXES for every appliance, big or small, that I've purchased in the last ten years? I was amazed at the number of them that I had stored in cupboards and under beds. A lot of the boxes, and the associated manuals, were for items that I no longer even own. Absolutely crazy!!

I shredded a lot of old papers too. There is something very satisfying about shredding paper when you are having a bad day/week. *smile* Two big bags of shredded paper when out to the road too.

What area do you intend to tackle this week? What do you think you will find? More importantly, what will you do with it?


  1. It must be the week for stressful situations. Mine wasn't of a personal matter though, but rather the business, and it got me ready to pull my hair out by the roots. But it all turned out well by this morning, thank goodness, as it would have just gotten a lot worse by now if it hadn't. So, I'm still working on my de-cluttering....and the blog post. I'll get it done. ....faster if I get off the darn computer. LOL
    I hope all is well at your end now too.

  2. I hope everything settles down Bonnie and next week is peaceful and stress free.
    I suspect a lot of people keep boxes since the guarantees tend to insist things are returned in their "original packing" if anything goes wrong. Sending hugs n love Bonnie xxx