Friday, April 4, 2014

Focus on Life: Week 14

Week 14: Morning Moments
That quiet routine that starts your day.
What are your morning moments?

My mornings are fairly predictable. We really are creatures of habit, aren't we? The alarm clock goes off at 6 a.m. and the rest of the family are still sleeping. After the obligatory trip to the bathroom, with the cats howling to be fed the whole time, I make my way to the kitchen. 

I insist on filling the kettle with water and plugging it in BEFORE pulling out the cat bowls and food. There is typically a lot of complaining from the felines when I don't put their needs first. *smile* 

By the time the cats are nibbling away on their breakfast, my water is boiled and ready to pour into the teapot. I look forward to that quiet cuppa tea. I usually sit in front of my computer and check my e-mails while I savour each sip. I love my tea!

Then, when the last drop is drained from the cup, it's time to get the day started in earnest. There are always so many things we must do in our day, but those first quiet morning moments can bolster us for what is ahead.

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  1. Love your quiet mornings...except for he cats. Mine get their food, then the dog, then me. I can't relax until their needs are taken care of. And a cup of tea sounds great!

  2. Your cup of tea looks yummy. And, I can just hear the cats as they eagerly wait for you to tend to their needs!! I used to love that sound with our kitty! I would talk (meow) back. LOL!! ;-)

  3. I quiet morning moment is something to really enjoy. I like tea too but I usually drink it in the afternoon.

  4. I need to wake up quietly, but with coffee and so I wake up before everyone else so I can enjoy the morning.

  5. I don't drink coffee, but I have to have my cup of tea in the morning!

  6. Love your Fiestaware cup and saucer. I inherited my Mom's (and grandmother's set) and it makes me smile everytime I see Fiestaware. My hubby is the one who wakes up with the kitties (at 2:30 a.m.) Fortunately he can go back to sleep. They better pray for his good health because I have no problem sleeping through kitty yowls!

  7. What.....your cats don't come dog MUST have hers around 6 wither I am ready to get up or not...lucky, I just have to grab it from the refrig and give to her, I can do it with my eyes yes I do agree, we are creatures of habit!!!!!!