Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Marketing and Branding

How do you brand yourself and your products when your offerings are so diverse? From prayer beads and card woven trim to Tree of Life pendants and beaded jewelry,

What is the common denominator that links them all together? Is there one? Do I need to focus exclusively on one product line only? Is that where the key to success lies?

Honestly, I'm not sure that limiting myself is the right strategy either. The interests, tastes and desires of everyone are so different. A product that appeals to one person will not appeal to another person.

So, that leaves me with a bit of a conundrum.

Do I 'specialize' in one core product and market it extensively and forget about the rest? Or do I market one product and hope that they 'discover' the other product lines when searching for the core product?

Does anyone have an answer for me? Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated. Please leave your comments below or contact me directly. There is a link to my e-mail address in the right sidebar of this page.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


  1. Bonnie, I sell beadwoven jewelry on Etsy but I haven't been very successful. I have compiled some articles/posts on selling and social networking on a Pinterest bord - http://www.pinterest.com/acbeads/selling-and-social-networking-vendas-e-social-medi/
    I have favourited your shop to hopefully give it a boost.
    Happy sales.

    1. Thank you, Ana. I will certainly check out the articles and posts. I've favourited your shop also. Your bead work is exquisite!

  2. I am not sure it matters, however my gut thinks the more offerings you have the more likely people are to find you

    1. Yes, I once was told that I should post a minimum of one item a day for 90 days. That way, my shop would keep coming to the top of the listing, I'd have a full shop in three months, and if things did not sell I could renew them quickly and easily when they expire. Of course, I would need to replace items as they sold too. That may have to be my goal for the new year.