Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Writing Your 'About Me' Page

How do you approach writing your About Me page on Etsy, so people get to feel like they know you, like you and trust you? Do you go with the friendly, conversational introduction or the crisp, professional presentation? Which method will garner you the most success?

I think that my current profile on Etsy is the more the friendly type. See the full text below. What do you think?

Hi, my name is Bonnie. I’m an confirmed craft-aholic who has dabbled in various creative genres over the years, from knitting to quilting, embroidery to bead making and scrapbooking to jewelry design. Creating beautiful things fills a deep seated need within me and makes me very happy. 

My current crafting passion is Tree of Life pendants. I've been making them in two different sizes using coated copper wire and a variety of genuine gemstone chips. Creating & learning about prayer beads for all traditions is the other great passion of my life right now and I have started listing several variations here. I've also learned tablet weaving recently and will be adding some items to my shop soon.

Please visit my eclectic mix of news & information about things of interest to me and, hopefully, to you too.

Thanks for dropping in to take a look at my latest creations.

I don't currently have a photo of myself on my profile page. I have my company logo there. Should I post a picture of myself instead? Would that help sales if potential customers can put a face to the work?

I can already see where I can potentially make some changes to the content and language of my profile. I'm really not sure which approach is better though, conversational or professional. What do you think?

Perhaps I should take some time to read the profiles of others and pick out the elements that like, or don't like, about them. Once I have that list compiled, I can revisit mine and make adjustments.


  1. I like a picture of the artist to be there. It makes it feel more personable and real - you aren't just getting some bauble from China

    1. I don't think anyone could ever accuse me of being a 'bauble from China' (smile) but I do see your point. I will have to design a banner for my shop that includes my logo because I think a recognizable logo helps you brand yourself and your products.