Friday, February 25, 2011

Creative Block: Strategies To Overcome It

Staying creative is hard work.  But sometimes, there seems to be a wall between me and my creative self.  This week is a prime example of that strange phenomenon in action.  So what can you do when 'creative block' strikes?  I've learned some strategies that can help and thought I would share them with you, gentle readers.  And maybe, just maybe, I can apply them myself and knock my own wall down in the process.

1. Dont sweat it. Do something else. Dont try to force it.

2. Go for a walk, a swim or a workout. Do something physical, to take your mind off of it, and to get the oxygen flowing back into your brain and body.

3. Check your inner self to see if you have been getting enough sleep, enough rest, enough vitamins and nutrition through a healthy diet.

4. Practice deep breathing or meditation.  Try to release the stress and open up the channels again to receive the creative force.

5. Create in a different medium. Switch directions. If you are a fashion designer move to painting to be inspired. If you are a writer, get your camera and go outdoors & take pictures.

6. Change your subject matter. Work on something else for awhile. Choose something of a completely different topic or pick something that you know nothing about. Stretch your brain in a different direction.

7. Stop being so responsible. Stop being perfectionistic. Even if only for a moment, or a day. You need to give it a rest sometimes.

8. Go out and have some fun! Fun is an amazing creativity energizer and motivator.  By being distracted from your deadline or project for awhile, you'll be amazed what new inspiration will show up.

Wish me luck!

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