Saturday, February 19, 2011

Vendor Profile: Stick To The Story

Stick To The Story is a collaboration between a husband & wife team, Dave & Victoria.  He creates one-of-a-kind walking sticks using the distinct shape of the wood and treasures of nature as inspiration.  Only by grasping one, Dave says, will you understand its purpose and if it was meant for you.

Inspired by her husband's work, Victoria began writing a story for each staff.  These tales will enhance your understanding of the walking sticks, and the journeys they were meant for.  Any divine guidance given during the creation of the stick is included in the story.

According to one satisfied customer, the stories enhance the sticks, give them a background and make them seem like they're already a friend to you.  In her words, 'The couple selling them makes you feel like, instead of walking into their booth, you are walking into their home. You're not their customer, you're their guest. And it's almost as if you're adopting the stick, not purchasing it, that's what the story does for them.'  She loves her walking stick and the story.

Buyers of unique items are not looking exclusively to buy a 'thing'. They are buying a story to tell others.  You can describe your item in bland terms and people may still buy it.  They can still tell the story of finding a one-of-a-kind item but if the story stops there, the value ends there because the story is nothing special.  That ultimately limits how much you can sell, and at what price.  Bottom line....stories sell products.  Dave & Victoria are employing one of the most effective marketing tools around. 

To see more of their work and to find out where you can get your own unique walking stick, check out their Facebook page...

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