Monday, February 21, 2011

I Have a Dream

Perhaps the word 'dream' is a bit too ethereal for my purpose here.  A better word might be 'goal'.  Yes.....I have a goal.  The goal is to build my company, Jasper Moon, into a viable entity that will provide me with plenty of income in my retirement years.

How that dream or goal will ultimately manifest itself (a retail gift boutique, a thriving online business, or as a wholesaler of handmade creations) is not important right now.  As long as I stay focussed on the end result and take small achievable steps toward it each day, I know it will happen.

To keep me from getting too overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of it, I have started a flow chart to break it down into more digestable bites.  At the very top is Jasper Moon, with my logo flanked by two big dollar signs.  Below that are the major steps needed to reach the end result desired.  Underneath that are the minor steps that have to be achieved to reach the major goals.  Next comes the yearly, monthly, weekly and daily tasks required to get me closer to the realization of my dream.

The most important component in the whole process is to keep on believing.  In the words of Napoleon Hill, a twentieth century author of personal/success principles, 'Anything that the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.'  I choose to believe.

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