Friday, February 4, 2011

The Year of Jewelry Project 2011

The Year of Jewelry Project was conceived in 2004 by the Creative Wire Jewelry Forum as a personal challenge for members of the forum.  The challenge was to create one piece of jewelry per week, photograph it, and post it to both a personal and group blog.  Each week had a different theme which the participants could choose to use for inspiration, or they could follow their own goals and creative impulses.  The main aim was to keep a regular schedule of creating new pieces.  Members of the forum commented on the various submissions each week, and all of the participants were able to track their development over the course of the year.

In 2005-2006, the project was dubbed “The Four Seasons of Jewelry” and the themes were loosely based on winter, spring, summer and autumn.  The following year, the project reverted back to its original name, and has been running ever since.  A number of the archives from previous years are still available online but, unfortunately, not all of them.

Some years there are more participants than others.  Each participant has their own reason for starting on the journey and each person gets their own personal reward from it.  It’s a great motivator for anyone who is a procrastinator as it helps them develop a new habit to keep a schedule of continuous creativity.  If you are just looking for inspiration for your own jewelry projects, their website is a great place to start.

To participate in The Year of Jewelry Project you must register and create a profile. Registrations are accepted at the beginning of each quarter, so even if you have to drop out at some time during the year, you can always join in again when you’re ready.   You do not have to be a participant to post comments about participants’ submissions.  All comments are moderated therefore do not immediately appear on the site, so be patient, your post will show up soon.

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