Sunday, March 13, 2011

Forward Into The Past - April 2, 2011

Forward Into The Past is a one-day symposium that arranges speakers on a broad range of historical topics including the arts and crafts practiced by various cultures, history of particular regions, cultures, or times, and where feasible allows this learning to be conducted in a hands-on environment. An open-format day, Forward Into The Past is designed to allow academics, experimental archaeologists, members of the public, and members of various historical re-enactment and recreation groups to gather and explore history.

Both Jerry and I will be teaching workshops at this event.  Can you believe it?  We will be teaching at a university!  He will be doing a one hour  'Chain Mail For Beginners' class, as well as, a two hour 'Chain Mail - Beyond the Basics' class.  There is no charge for his classes but please bring along two pairs of pliers if you have them.  He will only have a few pairs available. 

I will be conducting a 'lecture' and workshop titled 'Tree of Life - Myth & Symbolism'.  During this session, you will discover the diverse cultural references to the tree of life throughout the ages, while creating your own unique pendant to take home with you.  There is a materials fee of $10.  Your kit will contain everything you need, including your choice of gemstone chips (peridot, citrine, amethyst, smoky quartz) and a colour printout of the instructions.

There are plenty of other sessions of interest to attend also, something for everyone.  FITP will be held in the Bricker Academic Building at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON on April 2, 2011.  Pre-registration is open now and classes are filling up fast.  You can find out more on this event on their website below... 

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  1. What a great opportunity for people! I learned a lot from Jerry from even the one session I had with him re: chain mail construction. And the lecture creation re: the Tree of Life sounds really interesting, Bonnie!