Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New Product: Wire Wrapped Rings

One day, I came across a free tutorial online for making wire wrapped spiral rings.  I knew my friend Rose, of Country Rune, liked to work with wire, so I sent the website along to her.  At first she only planned to make a few rings for herself, but it has since blossomed into much more!  Here is a photo of the original ring in the tutorial.....

She purchased a ring mandrel on eBay and (im)patiently waited for it to arrive.  With her first attempt at making the spiral ring, she realized that she was unable to follow the instructions, in spite of the fact that they were very clear ones.  Never one to give up easily, she let her creative streak run wild and decided to try wire wrapping beads to make rings.  Doing some research online had shown her that there was no limit to what she could wrap.

The hunt began for some vintage buttons and old beads she could re-purpose into rings.  She loves to recycle things, turning something old into something new, so it was a logical next step.  Her husband has been quite the enabler, finding & selecting ones she should wrap.  When presented with so many options, Rose often has difficulty knowing where to begin so his support has been greatly appreciated.

She prefers to use 20 guage copper or brass wire.  While the tutorials and photos get her started, her creative nature takes over and branches out in all directions.  Her head keeps flooding with new style ideas to the point where she has trouble falling asleep some nights.  Her mind is too busy visualizing how she can execute that new design.  She even has ideas for making wire wrapped bracelets & necklaces too.  Some day she plans to go back and try to make the original spiral ring successfully....but not today.

At last count, over the last month, she's made over 100 wire wrapped rings and she has only kept five for herself!  You can see some of them above.  Her love for jewelry came from her Mom and Rose has found it difficult not to keep more of them.  She is currently selling her rings on Etsy, and I'd like to announce that Jasper Moon will be carrying a selection of her rings at events also.  Check out her Etsy shop to see more.

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