Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pearls of Life: For the Personal Spiritual Journey

My book finally arrived in the mail today.  I've been waiting for over three weeks.  This is the first time I've ever ordered a used book from Chapters and the experience has been relatively satisfying.  The book is in the condition they stated in their description: cover worn, edges dusty/dirty, clean interior.  What they did not tell me was that I would not be receiving the bracelet that originally came with the book, so I'm a little disappointed.

Not disappointed enough to return the book for a refund, but enough that I sent an e-mail to the vendor suggesting that they might want to include such details in further listings.  The contents of the book are more important to me than the bracelet, and I'm happy to have the book.  Considering it is out of print & classified as 'rare', I got it for a good price.

The Pearls of Life were created by a Lutheran Bishop, while he was stranded by a storm on a small Greek island, to help guide his prayer.  When he got back to civilization, he shared the idea with others.  He was amazed at their response and their stories of ever deepening prayer.  The book describes the meaning of each pearl (bead) and how it may be used in personal devotions.

While the bead strand was designed by a Christian, i think that the concept is very adaptable to any belief system.  Each of the eighteen beads has a specific meaning as explained in the book and can be easily modified to suit each individual person.  It is my aim to first create a bead set for myself than to share the idea others, hopefully, helping us all deepen the spiritual connection to our greater power and the universe at large.

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