Thursday, January 10, 2013

Customer Service - What To Do

I received a package in the mail today. I purchased a couple of beads from Suburban Girl’s Etsy shop. Here is what she did ‘right’ to extend good will to me as a customer.

- I received a friendly e-mail from her after I placed the order
- My order was shipped quickly, as promised
- Protective bubble wrap & tape was used to protect & secure the beads
- Sent in bubble envelope adequately taped to avoid opening during transit
- Since it came across the border, appropriate customs label attached
- My beads came in a small organza bag with her business card
- She included a personal hand written note card thanking me for my order & wishing me a Happy New Year
 - AND she sent a free ‘Thank You’ bead also

Now it’s my turn to thank her for the exemplary customer service she gave to me for my very small order. I am highly motivated to purchase from her again. And that is what good customer service is supposed to accomplish.

Thank you, Diana. The beads are perfectly suited to the project I had in mind.


  1. I've made many purchased from Suburban Girl Studios, so I can add that she delivers this fine customer service consistantly! And not only that--her beads rock, too!

  2. It really does make you feel special, all the extras people do when you make a purchase. I received the same quality from Natalie Pappas at NKP Beads too. And from one of my seed bead suppliers, Red Panda Beads.