Sunday, January 6, 2013

Project Plans For This Year

I have lots of new projects, potential new projects, half-finished projects and barely started projects that I want to get done this year. Will I be able to complete them all? Perhaps...if I can keep my focus and avoid the inevitable procrastination that plagues me.

Here are some of my project goals for 2013...

1. Tablet weaving - I bought an inkle loom two years ago and learned how to use it last year. I worked away on it for awhile, then have set it aside. This year, I want to figure out how to do some of the more elaborate patterns.

My First Tablet Weaving Project

2. Knitting - Many moons ago, I used to do a lot of knitting. My mother and I entered our handiwork in local craft fairs and between us, we cleaned up on the first place ribbons. I'd forgotten how relaxing it is to knit until I picked up the needles and made a couple of Christmas gifts recently.

Scarf Knitted with Bernat Boa Yarn

3. Quilting - I have so much fabric around here that I've picked up over the years for this purpose. There are a couple of quilt square patterns I have been wanting to try, especially the house pattern below. This year, I really need to move forward on this.

House Quilt Square Pattern

And all of the above projects are on top of the jewelry, prayer beads and paper craft (paper beads & card making) projects I want to accomplish this year. When will I find enough time for them all? Wish me luck!


  1. We'll have to have a girls weekend one weekend to work on your quilt. Two sets of hands will make some great progress!